Women's Circle

Goddess Circle is a space to come home to yourself. 

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Goddess Circle is like a turbo boost for soul growth.

Are you ready to drop the masks and small talk?

To move through the anxiety, fear and blocks that barricade you in and keep you from living your best life?

To learn the gateways to radical acceptance, peace and wholeness?

To show up authentically and connect with likeminded women?

To amp up your intuition and move into the flow with divine spiritual wisdom?

Be welcomed into a safe space of no judgement.

Past attendees have made life-long friends, shifted their life paths, found new relationships, healed physical issues, have a more balanced home-life and feel more self-love.

Each month is different, based on the collective energy at the time.

No need to bring anything, just an open mind and willing heart.

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Goddess Circle is like a turbo boost for soul growth. Deep and transformative.

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Past Goddess Circles

Karyn shares her experience of attending my circle in Body and Soul:

Two years ago, I attended my first Women’s Circle. I had just interviewed the facilitator for my podcast, who then invited me to stay and try it out.

Although I liked the idea of meeting new women and perhaps having a good chat with some of them, when I walked into the dimly lit room, decorated with colourful cushions arranged in a circle with crystals and candles laid in the centre, I suddenly felt nervous. Was this going to be strange and uncomfortable? Like most new experiences, it was both. And it was also beautiful.

A new experience can be uncomfortable at first

I smiled and said a few quick hellos as about a dozen women arrived at the circle. I took a seat on a comfortable cushion and felt my shoulders relaxing as I breathed in the incense.

When everyone was seated, the facilitator introduced herself and asked us all to connect with each other by moving around the room, pairing with another woman by holding hands and taking three deep breaths together as we eye-gazed. My heart sped up.”

Read the rest here: https://www.bodyandsoul.com.au/…/8046c4ca37afeeb6204acf…


Your facilitator Natasha featured in Body and Soul


What should I wear?

Our circle sisters rock up dressed in anything from yoga pants and a hoodie to glam. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Is this religious?

Not at all. You will be guided to connect with whatever feels right for you- Universal Consciousness, Jesus, Angels, Buddha. Circle is for those from all religion and no religion.

What’s the general flavour though?

This is not a pagan circle, or craft circle, or sharing circle (although we do group share sometimes, that’s not all were about). This is a deeply transformative space where we are challenged and supported to move through whatevers holding us back. Natasha, the facilitator is a Psychotherapist and Completion Process Practitioner who has studied shamanism, energy healing & ACIM, so the general flavour is mindful presence and consciousness with fun activities and lightheartedness thrown in. Energetically Natasha’s favour is christ consciousness, egyptian priestess energy & shamanism.

This might be out of my comfort zone?

There are tears and there is laughter but never discomfort. We completely honour your desire to share, or not share and respect your boundaries. You will never be pressured or pushed to participate in any activities. There is absolutely never any nudity or anything like that, this is not a tantric circle. Just a bunch of high vibe women like you who want more meaningful connection.

Should I bring anything?

Just a bottle of water and your beautiful self. No need to print tickets as everything registers automatically when you book online.

Are there age restrictions?

Generally over 18yrs. If you have a teenager you’d like to bring, just connect with me first to check that the content for that month is suitable.

Who can attend goddess circle?

These circles are enjoyed by everyone from those that have never done anything like this before to other circle facilitators and spiritual teachers. Circles are for women only, all women welcome.