Have the Whales been calling you?

 Whales are evolved beings that chose to incarnate onto the planet to hold light codes to uplift and awaken humanity to the truth of who they are and what is possible.

They clear and cleanse lay lines and grid lines, strengthening organic codes and restoring the healthy balance of energy on those lines. 

We are now in a space of readiness and receptiveness to receive the codes they have to offer.

This is an advanced initiation retreat. To be in alignment you are either already working in the field sharing your gifts or have a solid footing on the path to awakening.

Accomodation in a STUNNING absolute waterfront mansion

Accommodation for 3 nights in a stunning absolute waterfront mansion complete with 2 pools, private jetty, beach volleyball court, outdoor fire-pit and multiple relaxation spaces.

Release, Connect, Upgrade, Receive, Embody.


Time to settle into the space and ground then we come together for intentional facilitated practices:

Release – releasing fear that is blocking your embodiment. Clearing contracts, vows and ancient wounding that is preventing you from accessing your full potential.

Connect – advanced meditation technique to connect more deeply with your higher self, guided connection practices to connect with the other women present.

+ nourishing dinner, cleansing fire circle & rest


Saturday – full day whale tour 9am – 4pm

We’ll take a conscious journey into the sea to connect with the whales. Morning tea and lunch on the boat. Whale’s are guaranteed to be here as this is prime migration time. We will have an opportunity to get into the water and swim with these majestic beings and receive their light codes.

We come back to integrate our experience have a nourishing dinner and rest.


Sleep in, ground in the garden on the lake or have a swim in one of the luxurious pools.


Facilitated intentional practices to follow:

Receive – initiations from Hathor, ancient technology practices including merkaba and bindu activations.


Embody – connecting in with your higher wisdom, practices around expression of your voice, beauty and divine feminine essence


Awakening the voice – live music & voice activations

Monday check out 10am

A once in a lifetime experience! Not a regular run of the mill retreat or circle.


Shared accommodation in a stunning waterfront mansion in Pacific Haven (Hervey Bay)

All Meals

All Practices and Initiations including:

Hathor Initiation

Merkabah Activation

Bindu Activation

Voice Activation

Remote connection guidance to connect with the whales prior to the swim

Create your own Medicine Song

Swim with the whales experience

Live Music

Fire Circle

For your leisure – heated indoor pool, beach volleyball court, river walks

FREE BONUS PHOTOSHOOT with positive coaching and guidance, capturing your unique beauty and essence as you embody this glorious and powerful new state of being. You will have access to all of the photo’s taken, they are my gift to you and completely free.



Early bird price (till May 22nd)


Non refundable deposit of $500 for each ticket to secure your spot. Remaining amount to be paid by June 1st.

 If you would like to bring a friend you can do so for an extra $1,000. This creates a huge saving and only costs you $1,777 each. There are very limited spots for this (Queen share or single beds that have trundles) so if you’d like to bring a soul sister with you and secure this deal email me at natasha@light-now.com.au or use the contact form below.


After May 22nd

Full price $3,555 each for remaining tickets

Your Facilitator


Hi I’m Natasha Haddad, a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Medical Medium and creator of the Light Now Process (LNP).

I woke up “spontaneously” 22 yrs ago.

When I was 18 I started seeing auras around people. I studied with world renowned teachers and my life became understanding and refining my gifts. I did energy healings for people but I noticed if they weren’t solid within themselves the issue would just come back, so I studied Psychology but only working on the level of mind doesn’t cut it either.

I combined everything I knew and developed a process that can get people to a space of authentic and lasting relief, whatever they are experiencing. A revolutionary somatic therapy process that releases trauma and acts as a pathway to practical enlightenment.

LNP is IICT approved and I am training my first group of practitioners in March 2024.

I have been holding women’s circles & retreats since 2015 and am the creator of Mindful Schools Australia.

All of my work stands on a foundation of christ energy and the pure light of god.

 Words of appreciation taken from Natasha Haddad Spiritual Psychotherapy Facebook Page

Natasha has the ability to create an open, inviting and safe space for women to connect with each other and the self. Each circle, retreat and workshop that I have done with her has opened my mind to things I haven’t thought were possible. – Sarah

Natasha was incredible. She healed my son from a distance. He has been unwell psychologically for years and years and after only one session he is a new person. It is truly a miracle. She is gifted. Forever grateful, Anna


Natasha is pure magic. Working with her is such a gift. From the first session, I felt completely seen, heard and held in her presence. Natasha has a way of guiding the healing process that is so intuitive and effective that I had to come back for more! I have been a regular client ever since and the integration has positively and immensely impacted my sense of self. A true healer and leader, Natasha, a deep thank you for the important work you are doing and living – Lauren

Natasha is the real deal. No Mumbo jumbo, no gurus, no spiritual bypassing. Simple, soulful wisdom from a truly enlightened soul. – Mark


Are you ready to up-level?

If you are in resonance and can read these words, you have felt this coming.

You know all the things, have done all the trainings, listened to all the talks and done the inner work.

You are ready to walk the talk and come to a space of internal solidity so you can fully embody your divine feminine essence and power.

True, fierce. unbridled embodiment.

Together we will release ancient wounding, chains binding you to smallness and you will be supported to bloom.

You’ll gain new practices and skills you can share with your community and clients.

You’ll make a bunch of new friends who can actually meet you where you’re at. Maybe you’re often the teacher and guide for others which can feel lonely at times. Stepping into this container, there are other women who can fractal up with you. Powerful women who have the capacity to hold you, too.

Thank you for being you. You have come so far, healed so much, hold so much.

It’s time to play in a bigger circle, unleash your voice, activate your holy fire and rise into this new energy!

Guaranteed whale sightings as we are going at the prime migration time. Included is the option to jump in the water and join them for a swim.

Are you feeling the call to join us?

I would be honoured to hold space for you.

Have a question or need more info? We’d love to connect with you!

I would like to be updated about upcoming retreat dates