Connection Package


Transform your event!

Give the gift of connection. 

Buy this for yourself or to gift to a loved one that you’d like to connect more deeply with. Great for Christmas but can be used at any event.No more awkward silence, surface-level chats or anxiety. Take down the masks and get to know each other on a deeper level.

Easy and simple to use:
Set up your device so everyone can see, click the link to view together then follow the practices. When you get to the questions, pause for as long as you need while everyone answers.

It’s like a stress-free permission slip for showing up as all of you in an authentic way!

Your facilitator:
Natasha Haddad is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Medical Medium and creator of the Light Now Process (LNP). Natasha has been holding women’s circles, retreats and facilitating 1:1 sessions for 8yrs with a drive to create opportunities for practical enlightenment in those she holds space for.

For any questions or to book a 1:1 session or inquire about retreats or trainings connect here:



A Guided Hug

Sometimes hugs are rushed, forced, fulfilled due to social obligations rather than love! People might feel self-conscious or awkward when greeting each other…This video will help everyone slow right down, breathe, present and actually take each other in.


Often people are rushing, judging, assessing.. Is this person valuable? Attractive? Wealthy? The list goes on. This practice will help everyone see beneath what the physical eyes see and appreciate the being in front of them. Being seen and allowing yourself to be seen can be scary. This practice will help everyone lay down their armour. You’ll feel like you’re connecting with people you’ve known all your life, for the first time.

Mindful Presence and Breathing

Sometimes you’re trying to have a convo and you can feel the other person drifting off, in their mind, waiting for their turn to interject or just generally not engaging. This practice is attunement 101. We start with general mindfulness practice/somatic awareness then go into what attunement is relationally and what that looks like on a practical level.

Positive Qualities

An uplifting activity where everyone is encouraged to share 5 positive qualities about the people present. This will uplift the vibe and may reveal things you didn’t even realise people appreciate about you! It will also push you to see the good in the people present who have perhaps triggered you in the past 😉

Holding the Highest Vision

A short visualisation practice. What would you love life to look like, what would connection look like? What do you desire to receive from the people present/what adventures or experiences would you like to have with them? This quantum jumping style practice will open the space for deep conversations around taking your connections to the highest level whether it’s seeing them more often, doing particular things together or a desire for them to bring you a cup of tea!

Heart Opening Practice

It can be easy to focus on what hasn’t been done, where people have let you down, what needs aren’t being met.. This practice encourages everyone to delve into the memory bank and think of a positive moment they have had with each other. It can be any lovely experience shared- a moment of gratitude, a funny moment.. This activity is designed to help us see the light in each other and remember the good times. If you’re with people you don’t know so well or have just met, you can share a positive experience you’ve had in your life. What’s something that’s brought you the most joy?!

What Has Been Hidden

This is a powerful practice that encourages authenticity. Humans have a tendency to present what they want the world to see and sometimes that’s in contrast to what’s actually going on internally. This encourages everyone to get real, get honest and creates space for them to open up and reveal what they might have kept hidden. Sometimes people try to conceal things like anxiety or insecurity but sometimes it’s the wins (in fear of jealousy for instance). This opens the space to get real and radically authentic.

Get to Know You Deeper Questions

Over awkward silences, surface level chats or numbing to tolerate the boredom? These questions will draw everyone in and help them engage in a fun and deep way.

From things like: “If you could become any animal for a day, which would you choose?” To “Share a funny or embarrassing memory from your childhood” and “What’s an inspirational teaching or piece of wisdom you’ve come across that might benefit the group?” These questions will help you understand the people you’re with on a deeper level.


  • * Instructional Videos are 2-3mins in length
  • * You can purchase for yourself or as a gift
  • * Non-refundable due to the nature of this offering
  • * This is for private use only, if you’d like to play this in a corporate setting please contact us first. Content is copyrighted.


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