Medical Mediumship

The body is incredible at storing things.

I know when you’re suffering it is easy to become frustrated with the body – “why wont this just shift”?! But you have to understand that your body is always working for you, it is not against you, ever- even though it may not feel like that sometimes.

Unprocessed trauma is stored in the body until such time it is safe to uncover and release what needs to be released.

What has happened to you is not your fault, but if you haven’t had safety and support to tun that emotion through, your body will supress it & store it, so you can function in the world.
You essentially live above it, but if it isn’t addressed it will get louder and louder until it becomes too uncomfortable to continue to avoid what’s under the surface.

It is normal to have no idea why the pain or discomfort is there, or any memory of anything trauma related.

That’s where I come in.

Medical Mediumship Proccess

I connect in with your energetic, emotional and physical system and take a look at what’s really going on under the surface.

I scan through the system, remote viewing the body. I mark down on my notepad where the dark spots are – stored trauma will show up as heavy dark energy to me.

I then go into each area, one by one, getting a sense of what is happening within the system, I can see the blockages/ dysfunction on a physical level.

Then I go into the emotion that has been stored here, building up, creating the blockage.

In a state of alignment and natural flow, our energy flows like a river, healthy bodies have a steady flow of life force energy. But as trauma builds, it’s like big rocks accumulating in the river, creating a blockage. I figure out what the rocks are, why they are there and what needs to happen to remove them.

As I go deeper into each issue I will be shown patterns of reoccurring emotion you have experienced, specific moments of experience and what is needed for repair.

Sometimes I am able to clear things completely, sometimes I can help release and purge what has been stuck but further guided processing is needed. It’s also up to the client to embody the new feeling fully so there is no re-emergence of the issue.

Medical Mediumship is a fast track to healing

How it works

The first portion of the session is remote energetic work. You rest back in your space and listen to a 45min audio, I guide your awareness inwards for a few minutes, letting you know there is no effort required, all you need to do is set the intention of surrendering what is no longer serving you. You connect in with your breath, frequency music plays in the background, then I guide you out of it at the end of the 45mins when it’s time for the second portion of the session; connecting for a face to face video chat.

While you’re resting back, this is my process:


When booking there is space to list everything you would like me to go into.


During the first portion of the session (45mins) you rest and follow along with the recording you are sent. I go in and do the work.


I connect to God and surrender. My prayer is “Of myself I can do nothing, but through me God can do all things”. I ask that everything in this healing session is for your best interest and the greatest good of all.


I ‘travel up’ and connect with your general state of consciousness, I then scan your field and notice any dense areas that are out of alignment.


If there is little resistance, by infusing your system with light where it’s needed things can release and harmonize.


If it isn’t shifting I channel the part of you holding it in place and work with that. I see through your eyes and become clear on the moment the emotional wound happened, that created the discord that blocks the flow of life force energy resulting in the current suffering.


During this time it is normal to experience things like energy moving, heat, cold, tinging, waves of emotion followed by relief.
We then connect over video chat and I talk you through everything that came up, what I was able to clear, what needs to be worked on, recommendations etc.

When I opened my eyes I noticed my arms had floated up, the things I felt shifting in my body… it was unlike anything I had experienced. I went to the dr and they told me my markers had gone down


The day following a MM session that was focused on healing my womb I had bleeding (my period wasn’t due) I went to the Dr but nothing was ‘wrong’. I understand now it was my body releasing. I don’t have painful periods anymore


Medical Mediumship Proccess Steps

While you’re resting back, this is my process:

1. I ask God to work through me and assist you.
2. I protect and secure my body, then I travel “up” my central column, to the grid, then I travel across until I find your energy.
3. I first connect with your general state of consciousness and take notes. This includes how you’re feeling overall, your perspective on life at the moment etc.
4. I zoom out and do a scan of your body. I note any areas of discord, I see this as a gradient – light grey energy shows me there is density (things are pre-manifestation. Eg. there is a blockage in the knee that if left unaddressed will manifest as physical pain or dis-ease) right up to very dark spots which are already areas of discomfort.
5. I channel pure white light to flush your system and clear what I can.
6. I go into each issue that you’d like me to address systematically, working from the list you provided on booking. I do this by going back and forth between seeing what’s going on, then going into the cause.
Eg. You wrote “stomach issue” when I focus on that I might zoom in and get an image of the lining being thin or damaged, or a valve not opening and closing properly, I note that.
Then I come back to my body and momentarily take on the consciousness of the part of you creating the issue.
As the energy comes in, I start to feel what this part of you feels. I’ll get waves of emotion and begin to understand the perspective of that part. Then I can track it back to when that feeling was first present. I’ll get flashes of memories, moments, what was happening to make you feel that way.
Session example:
Client wanting to shift Ulcerative Collitis. When I brought forth the part of her creating this, I felt an extreme feeling of overwhelm. Rushing energy, like I can’t settle. Cant relax. Feel like I have to do everything myself. A feeling that “if I relax, I’ll die”. When I asked “when was the first time I felt like this?” I immediately felt asphyxiation. Throat shut down, I felt like I was drowning.
During the processing portion of the session I run through my notes and everything I worked on. I asked my client about drowning and yes, she almost drowned at 1yr old.
There are so many books of what the emotional meaning is of different physical issues, they are so broad. If you look up UC it’ll say “experiencing anxiety and stress”… This client session is a perfect example of why Medical Mediumship is so much more effective. With dis-ease, ailments and intense emotional issues..there isn’t one cookie cutter explanation for everyone. It’s unique to your specific situation and having the insights through a MM session saves so much time because we can get to the core of exactly what’s going on for YOU specifically.
In a session I’m not just “taking the pain away” which would be depriving you of wisdom and lessons and because we can’t skip a grade and the lessons need to be learned, you’ll just recreate the issue.
That is why we also process and unpack what you made those moments mean about yourself and the world eg “I can’t rely on other people, I have to be hypervigilant to keep myself safe, I can’t relax, it’s all on me”.
We release the energy, understand the core beliefs that were locked in as a result of that experience and then shift your perception at the root level, giving you a new outlook on life and ability to live in a completely different way.
Eg. I understand now, it was situational. Caregivers at the time didn’t have the capacity for attunement or the ability to caretake properly. That doesn’t apply to everyone in the world. It is actually safe to open to support now, resource and open to new healthy connections.
Medical Mediumship sessions are an opportunity for lasting relief and change, not just for physical ailments but to understand and shift any part of you standing in the way of you living your best life.
I can get insight into the consciousness of the fragmented internal aspects of self that don’t feel safe to:
1. Loose weight
2. Get into a relationship
3. Have friends
4. Hold abundance
5. Move confidently through the world
6. Receive love
7. Be healthy and well
I don’t heal anyone, I simply create the space for you to feel safe on all levels to let go of what’s been keeping you stuck/blocked and healing occurs naturally as it is your natural state.

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