I facilitate healing work 6 days a week but I realize unless you’ve been to see me, you don’t actually know what the heck I do. Most people I work with are referrals, so I have skated along, super busy but essentially hiding, not fully putting myself out there.

Because, well, I’ve been in fear about it.


Why? Fear of judgement, fear of showing up.


Bullsh*! stories- my family is on Facebook, how will this cousin twice removed who I never see judge me? Fear, fear, and more fear.


I have been in the healing field for 20yrs and seeing clients full time in my private practice for 6yrs. When I first started it was a combination of Psychotherapy and Energy Work. Over time I have honed my gifts and become aware of my Medical Mediumship and Channelling abilities. It actually makes up the majority of my work now, though I haven’t promoted that publicly.

There is so much fake spiritual bulls%&* out there, if I talk about the things that I’m doing, the healing that’s happening, who would even believe me? (More fear).


I discovered my medical mediumship abilities when doing distant healings, I found I could do a body scan with someone on the other side of the world and pick up on all the physical ailments within that person, then go further into the discord and see the emotional energy stuck there and how it was created, getting to specific memories in their past.


For example, I was working with someone this week (I went in blind, I prefer this); as in we’d had a regular processing session but she didn’t tell me what the issues were on a physical level. I dropped in, did the work, then called in to discuss what I’d found and worked on.

Left hip, right knee, thyroid issue, upper back between shoulder blades, lower back, pulmonary artery block.


Yes, yes, yes.


Thyroid I couldn’t tell if it’s hyper or hypo, it was clogged and sluggish so I thought hypo, but then waves of fast panic energy which would suggest hyper.

“Oh my gosh I had it checked and I have too much T4 (hyper) but I also have low T3 (hypo) they couldn’t tell me if it was under or over, just that there was an issue”.


I used to get so nervous about sharing what I uncovered, but after lots of confirmation and most importantly, physical results (even in people who’s doctors had given up on them) I learned to trust.

So once I’ve scanned and know what needs attention I work on resolving the issue. To understand this, I’ll explain how disease is created within the body. There is a moment of trauma, there is no safe space to process through the emotion so it gets stored within the body. It becomes stagnant, blocked, life force energy can’t flow properly and it eventually, if left undressed manifests physically as disease, pain, misalignment.


I have noticed common themes while doing this work, for instance if I channel the part of someone that is creating hip pain and get to the core, it’s always a moment of “impending threat”. Fighting parents that felt out of control, things could go off at any moment, I could be physically hurt.. Every time.

For people that have social anxiety it’s almost always cot trauma, a memory of being stuck in a cot, sharing the same space as everyone but feeling totally isolated and disconnected. Arthritis is often severe emotional and physical neglect at a very early age.

With autoimmune disease, someone in your life was unsafe, so you turned against yourself (self punishment) to minimize punishment from them –“you don’t have to hurt me, look, I’m hurting myself”.

I’ll often get to the exact moment that trauma happened “I see myself at 7yrs standing in a classroom, back right hand side, xyz happened” this emotion wasn’t processed, which created a block and overtime (because of the block inhibited vital life-force energy flow) the physical issue.


Doing this work isn’t surface energy healing like when I started. That can absolutely bring about relief but unless the core issues are addressed the emotional or physical pain will just come back over time. This work gets to the moment of discord and brings about release and healing.


What I know for sure through doing this work:

1. There is no such thing as time, everything is happening within this quantum field of NOW.

2. All minds are joined, we are all ultimately ONE.

3. You can’t help unless someone wants help. I have had someone book a session then block me out, they weren’t ready to let go of a destructive pattern as they believed they got power and control from it (they told me they were aware they were doing this after the session).

4. Everyone has trauma. Everyone. Trauma isn’t limited to abuse etc, trauma can be lack of presence, understanding, support and nurturing. Who had perfectly conscious parents?

5. Personality is mostly a conglomeration of coping mechanisms and gut responses to past experiences. Our essence is in a pure state of loving awareness beneath it all. I help people uncover and reclaim that space. 6. Free will truly comes after awareness, you are no longer being driven by unconscious processes.

If you’re experiencing pain on a physical or emotional level, have thoughts/behaviors that are holding you back or just generally want to experience deeper peace in life, feel free to reach out. If you know someone that suffers from chronic pain please share this with them, because they don’t have to suffer.