Lately I have been reminding clients of how shadow work works, and using the analogy of the boat and paddle. I was getting that I should probably share this in circle tonight, open my laptop and this image is my screen saver!

I laughed.

When you move into divine flow, it’s amazing witnessing the synchronicities and signs enmeshed in daily experience.

I believe we have different life path potentials, and as we move into deeper alignment with who we are, with each choice that we make we have an opportunity to move into synch with our highest life path potential.

And if we get off track? We feel out of balance, things don’t go quite right but there is always that small still voice within our heart that knows the way back, we just need to quiet our minds enough to hear it.

So this analogy – it’s like were in a little boat, when we are in alignment, zero resistance to living our truth, we float peacefully downstream. There is no effort required, we line up with opportunities, the universe moves to support us, we are in divine flow.  When things are not reflecting what we want, we’re not getting anywhere, the trap is to use things like positive thinking and vision boards and focus really hard on what we want to create, summon will power and push though – paddling really hard.                               

We understand how the law of attraction works and get confused as to why we are not lining up with what we want. We are striving, paddling, but getting no where.

If we stop paddling and look down, we realise there are a whole bunch of anchors.

Shadow work is dropping the paddles, dropping the striving and bringing attention to those anchors. The anchors being past traumas, which have created negative core beliefs, splits in consciousness.. Those dark deep points within are also points of manifestation.              

Because the universe is committed to our awakening and has no interest in our spiritual bypassing, no matter how hard we try to ignore the anchors, we will stay at that old vibrational point, with our daily experience reflecting what’s lurking beneath the surface.

One anchor could be unworthiness, deep fear of not being enough, not having enough, linked to a certain experience 25 years ago.. It doesn’t matter how hard you paddle and strive, focus on the vision board and imagine having a million dollars, it’s not going to happen unless that core belief shifts.

The process I lead clients through moves you in the direction of that anchor, so you can understand it, process through those old stored emotions and shift it.

One by one as we remove these anchors (traumas which created negative core beliefs), we begin to flow downstream again, we can release the paddles, release the striving. Then you don’t have to try and manifest anything, you are 100% internally on board with your deepest desires and the universe moves to support you.

You naturally think loving, expansive thoughts and take guided action.

Every negative experience, every trigger is just a call to find resolution. It’s calling your attention to those anchors.

I love that this picture is a group of boats together, oars laid down. Like the women coming together tonight, to let go of paddling and join in unity to do the inner work. A cosmic reset, so we can let go of what’s holding us back and begin to float downstream again.

Last Fire Circle