What do you mean you’re Clairsentient?

During 1:1 sessions I tune in and can feel what you are feeling. I am aware of what is happening in your body;  tension, tightness, emotions are that arise. I feel it come up in waves in my own body. Just a flash, long enough for me to be aware of it and give guidance. I work with states of consciousness, trapped internal parts, and can give insight into the moment a pattern was created. This is not only helpful for direction, or when you can’t quite explain what you’re feeling, but also brings relief, for you are not experiencing this alone, I am truly right there with you.

Do you do psychic readings?

I don’t do ‘readings’. Why? I believe everyone is intuitive. My job is not to be a middle-man between yourself and God. I help you clear the blocks to the awareness of your own intuitive guidance system.

How does Medical Mediumship Work?

I scan through the body and am guided to where blockages are. In one session I moved black energy out of the liver, at the end of the session when discussing what I worked on my client shared she had a tumor there. Upon follow up scan with Dr’s explained it had ‘disappeared’.  I often get downloads of words that have no meaning to me, when I look it up it describes a condition that my client has been experiencing symptoms of, or an obscure herb that happens to be a natural treatment for that specific condition.

*Disclaimer: Natasha Haddad is not and does not claim to be a qualified doctor or medical practitioner and as such cannot offer official diagnosis or claim to treat medical conditions. If you are vulnerable please contact your GP about treatment. Any recommendations come through from Source and clients are guided to do their own research and speak to a GP about the best treatment for them.

What is channeling?

Once i’m clear on what’s happening within the system, I channel the part of you that is creating the blockage.

I have an understanding that you are not separate from me. We are ultimately all one, I can tune into your stream of consciousness like changing the TV channel on my internal dial from Natasha to a specific part of you.

While in your perspective I become aware of the nature of the energetic and emotional build up. For instance, during one session I noticed the area around my clients stomach was dark and dense, as I went into her perspective I understood the energy held here was sluggish, slow moving and fearful there was a resistance to feeling positive and letting nourishment in. I sat with how this felt then asked (while in her perspective) when was the first time I felt like this? I was shown flashes of memories of her at school, the dynamic, I watched the story unfold through her eyes.

She had a very valid reason for not wanting to feel better. I asked if she had been eating healthier lately as it felt like it was a reaction to more nourishing foods. Yes! She understood the dynamic from school, how this was still effecting her, we processed through that and she has shared that her digestive troubles have since “magically dissapeared”.

Once the stored and stuck energy is released, life force energy can begin to flow again, bringing the system into a natural state of repair. Your body is always working for you, not against you. It will just hold things until they are ready to be released.