This mini session is great if you need some clarity and insight about one particular issue.


Having this insight now can save a HUGE amount of time and struggle for you in the future.


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Chanelling is a great tool for people who feel stuck and confused about a particular issue. It works for anything physical, emotional or spiritual.

An example of how it works:

Jane came to me about her weight. No matter what she tried to do to shift it, it just wouldn’t budge. Not long term anyway.

She tried every diet and exercise routine imaginable.

I chanelled the part of her that doesn’t want to lose weight.

Why did I do this? We’ll when were in a complete state of non-resistance to what we are wanting, that thing lines up easily and effortlessly – money, relationships, health etc.

Whenever there is discord (when you really want something but it’s just not happening) it is a reflection of an internal split.

The conscious part of you wants it, but on an unconscious level there is an internal part that doesn’t. Often because it doesn’t believe it can have that thing and be safe.

In janes case, she thought if she lost weight her sisters would be jealous of her.

I uncovered an unhelpful belief system she was running: Loosing weight = loosing connection.

We worked with that part, unwound that belief system and created a new one. By creating safety with that part she was able to drop the weight easily. There was no internal resistance, no competing part within.

How it works


When booking you write down the issue you are struggling with.

Eg. I have:

  • Anxiety
  • Money problems
  • Relationship difficulties
  • XYZ health issue

Then I channel the part of you that is holding that discord in place. The part of you creating the health issue, the part of you that doesn’t want to have more money etc.


I temporarily take on the consciousness of that part. Emotions and sensations arise, I speak from that perspective – you’re essentially having a conversation with yourself, you can ask questions and I reply. I go deeper into it and can often get to the exact moment that part was created.


Eg on public speaking: “I see myself at 6yrs old at school, this person is making me feel rejected, I made it mean I have to be quiet and not talk too much, I can’t use my voice, if I do I might be shamed and that would be painful”. Staying quiet = staying safe.


Once the belief that part holds is clear we can work to shift it in a more positive direction.


With awareness you can claim true free will and move effortlessly in the direction of your desires.


This mini session is great if you need some clarity and insight about one particular issue. Having this insight now can save a HUGE amount of time and struggle for you in the future.

When I go into these moments I am seeing through your eyes.

The interesting thing is beliefs are formed based on perspective.

 I once went into someones energy (the current trigger was lonliness) and landed on the couch at home as a child sick but feeling like I’m not being taken care of. I was aware that Mum was in the kitchen to my left, going about her day. If I went into the Mums perspective I would see a completely different reality. There can be a group of people sharing the same experience, viewing it in completely different ways.

By shifting perspective and forming a new belief the way we see the world and interact with it completely changes.


Generally speaking most discord can be linked back to a moment between the ages of 0-8 but occasionally things get locked in later in life.

I was working with a woman in her 60’s who was struggling with a gluten intolerance. When I went into her perspective I landed in a moment, as an adult feeling super drained, at the end of my tether, there was a lack of support, I felt like I had to do everything myself. There was an incredible wave of fatigue. She was making sandwiches for her kids at the time.

Being in that energy, while touching bread created the gluten intolerance!

When I shared what I noticed she remembered that time. She was caring for her 4 kids essentially alone, while working full time.

When I cleared that stored and stuck energy and brought in the vibrations of what was needed – support, time and space to rest – it cleared.

She messaged me the day after saying she ate a croissant with no issues! Since confirming the gluten intolerance is gone.

Let me help you move through what’s been keeping you stuck, so you can access your radiance, your power and the whole version of yourself. When we nurture ourselves, we aren’t the only ones who benefit. By doing the inner work, we bless the people around us, by showing up in a more joyful way.

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Jen – from anxiety and feeling unable to enjoy life without medication to feeling vibrant, happy and medication free

I have tried traditional psychology and counselling and it always went down the path of medication to solve how I was feeling.

I wanted to be able to live, without medication and enjoy life. I decided to get in contact with Natasha and after 1 session I felt relief like I never have before, things I was offered medication for were finally looked at from their root cause and it had changed my life.

I am on journey and am so grateful to have Natasha to guide me


Ramina – from chronic pain and countless specialist appointments to travelling the world

Natasha is by far the best therapist I have ever seen!

She is caring, understanding and makes you feel really comfortable. I started seeing her during a really difficult place in my life and within months I had made huge leaps and progress in ALL areas of my life due to the work I did with Natasha.

I think the biggest compliment you can give someone is to refer other people to them and I have recommended her and will continue to recommend her to anyone that is in need of a therapist.



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