The Light Now Process

A revolutionary therapy process that acts as a bridge, taking you from where you are now to where you need to be


Facilitated in the comfort of your own home via video chat.

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Hi I'm Natasha , facilitating this healing work is my life's purpose and it would be an honour to support you.

I help amazing humans like you get to the core of the fear, blocks and old programming that’s been holding you back. Together, we clear it for good, so you can save time and effort and live the life you want now.

Through 20 years of dedicated exploration I have formulated the fastest way to move from a state of fear to love.

The Light Now Process acts as a fast-track bridge from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Are you ready to fearlessly move into a state of wholeness and connection and unlock your full potential?


When you experience trauma, you cope by splitting your consciousness and pushing pain into your subconscious mind, out of your awareness. It may be out of your awareness but your subconscious continues to be a large influence on your everyday thoughts, feelings and actions.  In sessions we uncover what’s been lurking in the subconscious basement – old wounds, childhood memories, negative core beliefs, stuck energy, basically those places within that are locked into fear. We use what’s presently triggering you as a gateway in (money blocks, relationship issues, anxiety etc). We follow the thread back to the root of why this is showing up and shift it at its core. 


Once those shadows are integrated there is a complete shift in perception. You are no longer in battle with yourself as there are no competing parts within. You don’t have to use willpower to push yourself to make things happen. You’re in a flow state – a space of alignment. Alignment is an internal space where you are completely on board with yourself. It is a reconnection to purpose and passion. You live authentically, life flows more easily, there is no effort required. I give you the tools, techniques and strategies to maintain the internal space of alignment that is felt, so you can move out into the world and fearlessly express the truth of who you are.


Expression is the third stage. You’ve integrated, aligned and now there is support to fully express yourself. No longer bound by knots of judgement, you are free to express your unique gifts fearlessly. You are no longer holding yourself back. Things unfold more effortlessly in life because there is no resistance or opposing parts within. You can now express your unique self, which was always there, but is now unrestricted.

Light Now Proccess Steps


Radical Acceptance


Release Resistance


Somatic Experiencing


Awareness of Subconscious programs


Quantum Gateway






Understanding Core Beliefs


Conscious Creation


Experiencing the New Vibrataion





Supportive dedicated daily practises

Connect to your best life now

Feel better now

Move into alignment now

Healing doesn’t have to be effortful or take a lifetime

Heal and clear what's been holding you back, upgrade your life.

You wouldn’t let old outdated programs clog your computer and slow it down, you’d delete the viruses, upgrade and reboot!

Think of this as calling in a specialist to help upgrade your system.

Find and delete old programs & viruses (core belief systems that are no longer serving you)

Install new software (new beliefs and perceptions that will actually benefit you)

Optimal functioning, run at full capacity! (Fresh energy, new motivation, more confidence to live the life you truly desire)

This process works if you’re thriving and want to uplevel or if you’re in emotional or physical pain.

As a busy person that just wants to be the best version of herself in business, as an athlete, as a human that has a deep need for love and connection. I couldn’t have asked for a better way of making all of that happen, I’d give Natasha 10 stars if I could.


Director, Athlete

Phil had suffered with chronic pain for years, as a result of a rare form of arthritis.

It was so unbearable (severe pain causing nausea, blurred vision and panic attacks) he considered drinking himself to death.

Doctors told him he would be in pain for the rest of his life, relying on heavy medication and steroid injections. He used alcohol to help numb the pain, anxiety and depression that came as a result of his condition. He has seen multiple doctors and specialists and has been suffering for 16 years.

After 10 sessions, his Doctor was shocked and advised he no longer needs steroid injections or medication.

The thought of sitting here today in the lack of pain I’m in now was inconceivable before the therapy…

You no longer have to believe the pain is permanent, because it’s not.. The doctor told me straight to my face you’ll be in pain for the rest of your life – incurable disease. The doctors wrong, in his defence he probably doesn’t know about this form of therapy.

You no longer need an escape mechanism (drinking/pills) because the therapy helps you deal with the traumas and underlying issues causing the pain



Get To The Core

Lots of people find the same health issues, insecurities, relationship issues, weight gain just keeps coming to the surface again and again and it can feel like we’re in a constant battle with ourselves.

Life doesn’t have to be this hard!

Addressing the surface symptom is a start but it can be like pushing an inflatable ball under water – it just keeps coming back up again. By getting to the core and bringing healing there, at the root level, your body and mind move into a natural state of balance, no effort or willpower required.

This type of therapy is for you if you resonate with any of the following:


You tense up in the presence of others and want to feel at ease in your body, regardless of who’s around


Experience mental chatter and play out imagined scenarios that cause you stress 


You want to feel more in control of your thoughts and experience clarity


Feel anxious (even when you have relaxation time and there is no current trigger) and you want to breathe deeply and feel grounded within


Are kind to others but really hard on yourself and want to feel more self loving


Minimize yourself/your voice and want to feel more confident and natural in your expression


Want to stop working hard and experience abundance in all forms to flow more easily to you


Feel lost sometimes and want to access deeper meaning and feel more connected


Are constantly giving but don’t have much support and want to feel seen, heard and held


Feel like you have walls up, making it hard to connect/trust others and want to experience more heart to heart connection and greater joy


Have physical pain/disease and want to heal it for good


Experience discomfort and want relief and lasting change


Want to become magnetic so you can attract in friends and relationships that nourish and fullfill you

This type of therapy works for:

  • Physical pain
  • Abundance
  • Disease
  • Confidence
  • Attracting in a partner
  • Weight loss
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Breaking through upper limits so you can be the best version of you
  • Harmonizing relationships
  • Bringing more love, joy and flow to life
  • Motivation
  • Addictions
  • Growth in all areas of life

Let me help you move through what’s been keeping you stuck, so you can access your radiance, your power and the whole version of yourself. When we nurture ourselves, we aren’t the only ones who benefit. By doing the inner work, awakening our true potential, passion and purpose, we bless not only ourselves, but the entire world.

Plant Medicine Integration .

Journeys can be powerful and enlightening but sometimes also confronting and confusing.

Have you had a journeying experience that left you feeling uncertain about how to move forward? If so, you’re not alone. Many people who have had profound or challenging experiences and find it difficult to integrate the insights gained from those experiences into their daily lives.

I have experience navigating these spaces and I feel called to support others gain greater understanding of their experience and its significance, as well as develop strategies for integrating the insights gained and expressing their whole-selves to the world.

Here are some of the benefits of doing an integration session following a journeying experience:

Feel seen, heard and understood. An opportunity to share your story and talk things through.

Solid understanding of the lessons received: Sometimes it can feel like a lot, all at once. It’s easy for key insights to be lost in translation or feel out of reach when you’ve come back to form. Together we can uncover and get clear on the messages you were given.

Plant medicines can connect you with your higher self and beyond that, experience your god-self directly. Beautiful experiences, but it can be difficult to come back to form after touching these places within. We will find meaning and help you feel solid in your light, while also being deeply engaged with this level of reality.

Increased self-awareness: Integration therapy can help you process and integrate journey insights, leading to increased self-awareness and a greater sense of purpose.

Enhanced creativity: Journeying has been known to increase creativity and promote out-of-the-box thinking. By properly integrating experiences, with support you will be able to tap into this creative potential and generate new ideas.

Improved relationships: You may have received messages that effect your current relationships, we can make sense of this; mapping out conversations that need to take place, forgiveness that may be required, clearly communicating and reconnecting where necessary.

Spiritual growth: Experiences can be deeply spiritual and transformative. Integration therapy can help individuals make sense of these experiences and explore their spiritual beliefs and practices, leading to a greater sense of connection and purpose in life.

Slow and steady – after having such a big experience there can be a tendency to want to do it again and again. It’s important to become fully grounded in the lessons learned, solid in the upgrades before continuing on. Proper integration work means you’re less likely to bypass or become disconnected from this reality.

Trauma integration – often situations that have been hidden in the subconscious basement are revealed during a journey, I can help you bring healing there using LNP.

Understanding internal parts – you may have ‘brought something back online’ during a journey, a part of you that you haven’t experienced before. We can integrate this part in a healthy way and get curious about the highest expression and needs of this part.

I am a spiritual teacher and psychotherapist with years of experience helping clients navigate the complex and often challenging internal landscapes.

Whether you’re struggling with difficulties following your journey, seeking greater self-awareness, or simply looking to deepen your spiritual practice, a session can help you move into a greater state of wholeness and find greater clarity and meaning in your life.


I do not facilitate journey’s, my work is using my 20yrs of spiritual understanding and 8yrs of therapy work to support you through the integration process.

Sessions are a safe and confidential container.

Session options and pricing

Jen – from anxiety and feeling unable to enjoy life without medication to feeling vibrant, happy and medication free

I have tried traditional psychology and counselling and it always went down the path of medication to solve how I was feeling.

I wanted to be able to live, without medication and enjoy life. I decided to get in contact with Natasha and after 1 session I felt relief like I never have before, things I was offered medication for were finally looked at from their root cause and it had changed my life.

I am on journey and am so grateful to have Natasha to guide me


Ramina – from chronic pain and countless specialist appointments to travelling the world

Natasha is by far the best therapist I have ever seen!

She is caring, understanding and makes you feel really comfortable. I started seeing her during a really difficult place in my life and within months I had made huge leaps and progress in ALL areas of my life due to the work I did with Natasha.

I think the biggest compliment you can give someone is to refer other people to them and I have recommended her and will continue to recommend her to anyone that is in need of a therapist.



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