What’s with the woke spiritual community demonizing alcohol lately?

First meat #vegancat lol. Now alcohol.

What was that substance Jesus turned water into?… What was it again…?

Alcohol can be used joyfully or to numb, to celebrate or to isolate, to expand or to supress, for holy
sacrament or to go unconscious.

Just like a knife can be used by a chef to make a delicious meal, or by a murderer to cause harm.
It’s all about the intention behind it. The awareness (or lack of) behind it.

In Norse tradition mead was considered a sacred drink and used to celebrate.
Pharaohs loved their wine.
American Indians used fermented drinks in ceremony.
There are also loads of people that struggle with alcohol abuse, I’m not saying it’s not an issue for some
just that with alcohol it’s all about the intention behind it (like with anything actually) and knowing your

I know if I drink spirits I’m flat on my ass. I’m incapacitated and sick.. But I can drink beer and be
switched on and feeling great.
Some people’s bodies don’t agree with alcohol but they can have a joint and feel great, I feel horrible
with weed.
Some people love changa and find it expanding, for me it’s awful.

Everyone is different, everybody’s body processes differently. Our energetic systems and how we can
run things through are different.
And yes, of course you can reach high states without any substances at all. One of the deepest bliss
moments I’ve known was after an extended meditation.
But I see woke folks using not drinking like an ego badge of honour.
If your ego has hooked you, turning being a non drinker into a personality construct, have a sip of wine.
If your ego has hooked you, turning veganism into an identity, have a bit of fish.

Loosen the grip.

Let’s just stop judging people, tune into our own bodies and what it needs and go in the direction of
what feels right for us.