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My journey started when I started seeing auras and energy spontaneously when I was 18.

As I didn’t grow up in a spiritual household I had no idea what the heck I was seeing. I would pick up on peoples ailments, feeling what they were feeling in my own body.

At 21 I felt the urge to move to Byron Bay and ended up living with a world renowned spiritual teacher. This work is my life, my purpose.

I wanted to understand everything that I was experiencing. I studied intensively with spiritual masters, absorbing distilled truth like a spounge. I trained in every energetic healing modality and therapy process I could find.

I met my husband, had our 2 beautiful boys and got a Psychology degree. I blended it with everything I had learned and created a fast track process for healing that will save you time, so you don’t have to feel as lost as I was, consuming thousands of hours of teachings or floundering around with modalities that either don’t work or don’t have lasting effects.

There seems to be a split in the healing community

I went deep into shadow work for many years. I witnessed people in the shadow work community become incapacitated, become lost in personality constructs, unable to touch deeper truths.

I went deep into end point teachings, watching people spiritually bypass their issues, reaching higher states but unable to effect any meaningful change in their daily life. Touching truth but it was shaky and unintegrated.

The manifestation community places happiness outside of the self, “ if I can bring this thing to me, then I’ll be happy”…

I wasn’t interested in staying stuck in stories and limited personality structures. I didn’t want to experience glimpses of peace through meditation but still be ‘stuck in my stuff’ in daily life. I wasn’t satisfied having a happy dream where I need anything outside of myself to feel fulfilled.

I didn't want to have a

happy dream,

I wanted to wake up.

I wanted to be deeply anchored in my essence regardless of what was happening around me.

No stuckness, no bypassing or avoidance. Just deep integrated wholeness.

This work is an all-encompassing, comprehensive deep dive.

It helps you bring the light of who you are

here, now .

LNP acts as a bridge from where you are now to where you want to be. 

To express the full Potential of who you are

Nowadays I have a lot of clients who are Psychologists, therapists and healers.
These sessions don’t just help you analyze trauma – working with me has been described as a practical course in enlightenment. We acknowledge the wounds and can go to the depths of that darkness together but with the intention of systematically deconstructing the false self and bringing the full light of who you are back online.

I have witnessed people rapidly upgrade – radically transforming their body, mind, relationships, sense of self, purpose and abundance.

I would be honoured to support you as supporting in this way is my purpose.

This is not ‘New Age’ or fluffy spiritual work. I work under God, my pathway to awakening has been through Jesus however I work with people from all backgrounds.

I see you as a part of me and I understand that no one goes home until the last person goes home.

Let's go home within, together.