Karyn shares her experience of attending my circle in Body and Soul:

“Two years ago, I attended my first Women’s Circle. I had just interviewed the facilitator for my podcast, who then invited me to stay and try it out.

Although I liked the idea of meeting new women and perhaps having a good chat with some of them, when I walked into the dimly lit room, decorated with colourful cushions arranged in a circle with crystals and candles laid in the centre, I suddenly felt nervous. Was this going to be strange and uncomfortable? Like most new experiences, it was both. And it was also beautiful.”

A new experience can be uncomfortable at first

I smiled and said a few quick hellos as about a dozen women arrived at the circle. I took a seat on a comfortable cushion and felt my shoulders relaxing as I breathed in the incense.

When everyone was seated, the facilitator introduced herself and asked us all to connect with each other by moving around the room, pairing with another woman by holding hands and taking three deep breaths together as we eye-gazed. My heart sped up.”

Read the rest here: https://www.bodyandsoul.com.au/mind-body/what-i-learnt-from-going-to-a-womens-circle-and-why-you-should-attend-one-too/news-story/8046c4ca37afeeb6204acfc2f34580fb

The podcast episode and Karyn‘s book The Women’s Circle can be found here: https://www.karynsepulveda.com/

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