A Revolutionary Therapy Process

that helps you bring the fullness of your light here, now.

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Come home to yourself

This is a space to take off the armour that has been weighing you down.

To lay down the blocks and barriers you have placed against the world, against your personal power.

You have journeyed for so long, carrying these burdens, this pain.

This is a space to safely let go.

To become new.

To embody and express the truth of who you are.

To allow in love, fully, and move into a state of wholeness and connection.

This is the end of suffering.

It is time.


There is a part of you that has never left peace .

It exists in a state of perfect wholeness and radiant bliss. Through the decent to time and space, due to various circumstances you gradually shut off from this essence, in order to stay safe and feel connected to the world, you closed off the part of you that is timeless.



Personality constructs were created that feel constricted because they are – you are only experiencing a fraction of the self.


Much of the ‘you’ that you experience- thoughts, beliefs, words you use and actions you take – it’s not actually you. It is mostly an expression of old, unhelpful programming.


Together we will move to a space where it no longer makes sense to hold it. Like dropping a hot coal that you’ve been squeezing so tightly, for so long, enduring the suffering of the burn.


We make it safe to let go, allowing an opening to freedom, expanding into abundance of health, connection, safety, joy.

This is deep and complete integration work.

Breakthrough Sessions

A revolutionary therapy process that acts as a bridge, taking you from where you are now to where you need to be

Medical Mediumship

Private sessions to let go of physical ailments by letting go of the stuck trauma casuing it.


Release, Relaxation, Empowerment, and Embodiment. Reclaim your personal power and find joy in your life.

Women's Circles

A space to drop the masks and small talk and come home to yourself, a turbo boost for soul growth.

LNP Training

Are you feeling the call to step up and shine your light? Become a certified light now process practitioner.

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